Wednesday, August 21, 2013



I had a great week. We worked hard. I will mention a few highlights of the week.


The office flooded! A pipe was broken so we had wet carpets, walls, and destroyed books. There is something quite amazing though. The Mexico City temple basically has an army of workers and security. We received help almost immediately in trying to get everything cleaned up, and that was quite amazing.

I am being transferred tomorrow! I am packing tonight. I don´t know where I will go nor with whom I will serve. I don´t know if I will be secretary still or not. I just know that I am leaving Zaragoza.

(As his mom, I'm handling this news like a pro.  Telling everyone who will listen, driving Doug crazy wondering where he is, hyperventilating, eating waaaaay tooooo muuuuuuch, staying busy... my house is spotless... and enjoying my time waiting for the next letter while biting every single fingernail I have.  So see, I'm doing just fine... thank you.)

This story did not happen this week, but I forgot to mention it earlier. An inactive family showed us the pit bull that they have. Trey would love this dog. I wonder if it is pure evil. No, I don´t really wonder that! It is huge, and crazy. I think that if it had been released upon us, I would be in the Spirit World. But luckily, this family is incredibly nice and they had the dog on a chain and muzzle. It was really upset, or confused, or scared...something! They managed to get the dog close to us and we tried to pet it. It went crazy and started trying to attack us but they reeled it back and put him somewhere else. Trey would love this dog!


Fredy and Aarón: Both of these men are amazing investigators. Both of them are extremely close to baptism. My companion will have to be sure and baptize them, because I won´t be in Zaragoza anymore. Fredy is probably one of my best friends ever. HE IS INCREDIBLE. My family would love him and his family. He is an amazing person and I want to stay in touch with him and his family forever.

Hermano Sadot: Brother Sadot has been less active for awhile. But, he has gone to church twice in the past 3 weeks I think. I see progress and hope there. He too is an amazingly humble and kind man.

THE DISTRICT: Hermana Garcia will leave for Argentina on Wednesday. No one else, with the exception of me, has transfers in our district. When Hermana Garcia leaves and I leave, our district will be completely wiped out of all source of life from March of this year. Or in other words, everyone that was in my district when I first arrived will officially be gone. The others are dominating our district!

Elder Loveland. He is my companion. He is amazing and I love him as my brother. I get a little nervous when I think about the fact that we won´t be companions anymore. He is a powerfully spiritual man in the faith.


Pozole is amazing! I am pretty sure that this kind of food exists in the U.S. It is a soup, and I love it.


There is an active volcano close to Zaragoza. Some people say that it can explode soon. I don´t know if that is true or not, but it is interesting. We can see it when we go on Alan´s roof. This brings up another point. The roof of almost every house here is merely, so to speak, the top floor. It is completely accessible, and people are on their roofs very often. I think that is interesting.

We are staying busy and happy. We are filling up on tacos (probably is not very smart, nor healthy), working hard, and laughing. Funny things happen here! I need to be better at writing them down so I can remember them!

My spiritual thought for today is, as my cowboy-of-a-companion taught me....WHEN YOU FALL OFF YOUR HORSE, YOU GET RIGHT BACK ON AGAIN. Sometimes when we fail, it is hard to get back up and keep going. But it is something we have to do. We need to do it every day, in some cases. We need to experience the pain of falling, and the utter joy of getting up. I am trying to be better at that. My companion said that his dad taught him well to keep trying. When he fell of his horse, he was told to get back on.

It is hard, but joyous and worth it. Or as we say here, VALE LA PENA. The word PENA means many things. It could mean embarrassment, pain, suffering, or things of that sort. So this phrase in Spanish literally means IT IS WORTH THE PAIN. I love that. Really, getting back up again is worth it. I know it.

I love you all and hope you are doing the best you can to follow God.


Love, Elder Anderson

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