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(Note from mom:  Fair warning... this post contains a hilarious - and slightly gross - story about Elder Anderson's adventures with avocados.  Worth the read, though!)


Thank you for your emails everyone and for all of your love and support. Today was a great week. By the way, yes, I have received the package and letter. I was swarmed by elders when I opened the package, because I opened it up at a zone activity today. I was able to get the Peeps out alive. But I decided to be nice and share the jelly beans... ha-ha!!

I will begin my email with some food stories:

I am liking much of the food. It is really good. I often have milaneza, which is a meat that is pretty much the same as fried chicken. It's really good. I also have tons of soup, and that is usually very, very, very good. Here in Mexico City, people often ask if you want "refresca o agua”, which means soda or water. I have learned that when they say "agua", they actually don't mean water...they mean half water and half juice, ha-ha! That is cool. I have had melon, pineapple, and other kinds. I have also had a drink that was made of grounded up rice, milk, and water...it was really good as well.

There is a fruit stand close to our apartment...it is incredible!!!!! I think it was last week that I got a tray of strawberries, drenched in honey and granola...oh ya, oh ya. It was so good.

Okay, I have officially had some weird food. En la casa de Junue (in Junue's house), I had pork skin....I am not sure how I feel about that. It is a really crunchy food, and it basically is pig skin. It is not terrible, but when I eat it while thinking about the fact that it is pig skin, it is kinda nasty.

I eat a lot of fruit here. Members and others love to give us fruit. But there is one fruit that is absolutely disgusting. I dont think I have ever had it before my mission...avocados. Oh...my...gosh...they are HORRID. And you know what? They are everywhere! Avocados are absolutely the most diabolical, most horrifyingly disgusting, and rancid things that could possibly be consumed in this world. It is like someone skinned a lizard, rubbed the skin in cow manure for 20 minutes, then threw it in a pot of boiling melted plastic, left it there for 5 days, then added 17 bars of soap, then left it for another 15 days, and then took it out and molded it into a ball, and then cut it into pieces and gave some to me...I HATE IT!

I have a funny story about avocados. Ayer, el domingo, (yesterday, Sunday) I was so hungry after church. I was craving dad's roast beef, potatoes, rolls, and corn. But I knew that our lunch appointment would not include any of those things. We went to a member's house for this appointment, and she fed us. Anyways, we walked in and I saw something dreadful on the table...an empty avocado shell....oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no. We might be having avocados. Well, she gave us spaghetti first, and that was great...then came the real meal...milaneza (the really yummy meat I mentioned earlier), and avocados, and I think cucumbers. Oh no. I had to get through it. There were two slices of avocados...two dreadful slices. When the member sister was not in the room, I made it known to my companion that I really didn't like avocados. He understood and gave me a tip. Take one piece, but it into a tortilla, and add cheese, salsa, and salt. Then eat that...it helps to cover the taste. So, I started to do this, and it helped a little. There was some soda there too, and that helped me swallow each bite down. Because I wasn't enjoying it, I was eating slower than my companion. He finished first. So, I was left to eat as the lady and my companion sat there in silence waiting for me to finish....I was so embarrassed, and was really struggling. Why is she just watching as I eat!?! And why isn't my companion saying anything to help me out!? The lady eventually left to the kitchen...I gagged once. I told my companion I couldn't do it. I couldn't finish the avocados. When the lady came back, I asked to use the restroom. She said yes and I went. I really just wanted to take a timeout, so to speak. I needed a break. But that is not what I received. Because in the bathroom was an awful smell, and two pieces of poop in the toilet. Oh my gosh, this was not helping me to get fresh air. When I came out, the lady was still there. I was praying for help to finish the food. She then left...NOW WAS MY CHANCE!! I turned to my companion and commanded him with my eyes to eat the pieces of avocado on my plate. He got the message. He grabbed most of it and ate it. I grabbed the rest, shoved it in my mouth and ate it, then I leaned back and felt accomplished. I had conquered the avocado...with the help of my companion...ha-ha!

Okay, here are some updates about investigators and others.

Victor received his answer...I cannot express the joy I had. Oh my gosh it was incredible. We talked to him some more and I think he is on track for baptism once again. At an earlier appointment, I had promised him that his answer had already come. When he had cancelled his baptism, I told him that I KNEW his answer had come, but he did not recognize it. So this time, he DID recognize it, and I was so happy. Mom, you would love his little daughter. Her name is Abril. She is the sweetest little girl. She is so funny.

Ian is struggling. I did not want to mention what he was struggling with in the last email. Remember how I said he and I just kinda cried and we and my companion talked? The reason why is because he is contemplating killing himself.  (Note from mom:  Please pray for Ian!!)  I want to cry just thinking about it. He has Word of Wisdom problems and little support from his family...and he is not progressing much. We are still trying to help him.

Victoria is going through a lot. We want to invite her to be baptized but can hardly ever enter the house and talk to her.

We have a new investigator named Alvaro. He is a nice man who wants to change his life. We have invited him to read the Book of Mormon.

I am really getting better with the language. I study the language like crazy, ha-ha! I still struggle to understand people...it is really frustrating. But I can understand a little more every once in a while.

Zaragoza is in Mexico City, by the way. The ruins were in Teotihuacan. Here are some quick interesting things about Mexico:

There are buses called "combis". They are tiny little things that hold about 20 people. If you want to catch one, you have to flag it down, then the door opens and you get in and are squished with all these people. You pay the driver and he pulls a rope to close the door, and he drives. When he is close to where you want to go, you tell him, and he stops.

The garbage system is pretty cool. There are often no trucks to pick up garbage. So what sometimes happens is a man goes down all the streets and rings a bell. Then people come out with all their trash and put it on this big cart that another man has. Then you pay that man. I thought that was interesting.

Also, if you want to sell something here, you can sell it on the streets. There are many tiendas
(shops). You could also put a megaphone on your car and drive up and down streets blaring this really loud recording of the items or services you are selling. Or, you just yell. Yell in a unique way so people recognize it and will want to buy your stuff...ha-ha!!

Ok, I need to go! I will try and get letters sent!

Elder Anderson

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