Monday, April 1, 2013

Inspired Advice

This week was really, really good. Guess what we did for Easter? We worked! We did not do anything very special. We worked hard as always! But I was happy to read some letters that I have received and happy to remember the resurrection of Christ.

Here are some highlights:

I gave a talk in church yesterday. Only 10 minutes. But I was so nervous!!!!!! Of course it was all in Spanish so I struggled. We only had maybe 40 people there, maybe more. As I began my talk, I tried to be funny. I don't think anyone in that room even smiled when I tried to be funny. Either they didn't understand my Spanish, or they didn't get the joke, or maybe I'm just not funny! Well anyways the talk was on the Palabra de Sabiduria (the Word of Wisdom), and it actually went very well.

This week my companion and I met with the Bishop at his house. I have heard stories about this man, and how he refuses to work with missionaries. We are not allowed to attend ward council (which is a huge bummer), and he always says that he has no time to talk with missionaries. We have stopped by his house many times before and he has never been there. Well, this past week, I saw a miracle. I give thanks to God, as well as the weather, and the Bishop's wife. Here is what happened: We showed up at his house. It was raining a little, so we were a little wet. The Bishop's wife answered the door. I think she felt bad that we were in the rain so she let us in! Sweet! We came into the house and there is the Bishop on the coach with his garment top in plain view with a doctor's mask on (people wear the masks when they are sick...this is very common...and strange). A little weird sight to see a bishop in... anyways, thanks to the weather and God, we were in the house...and thanks to God and, in my opinion, the fact that the wife was there, the Bishop eventually lightened up and we had an incredible discussion. We went to lunch at his house on Sunday as far as I can tell, the Bishop is incredible and we can work very well together! Elder Cardona says I'm lucky! Apparently, he has not always been like this! Even my zone leader says that he didn't like the Bishop! haha! Well, I love him!

Junue was not baptized. She is progressing slowly because we cannot get enough times to meet with her. We also met with her husband when Junue was not there and this complicates things because they are both on different stages of progression, and we want to teach them together. So we need to keep working at this.

Victor. We are leaving Victor alone for awhile. Elder Cardona, both with another companion and with me, have taught all that needs to be taught....there is nothing more for us to do. Victor has to show signs of progression on his own. If he doesn't in about 2 weeks, we may have to call it quits, because he is not moving forward. If he does progress, we can go forward with baptism.

We have not met with Alvaro since the first time...again, cannot get a time to meet with him.
Ian is still not progressing much. He went to church yesterday, so that is good...but he is not making good decisions, and that frustrates me. But we are still working. 
I had Divisions this past second time. Divisions is when two companionships trade companions. So for one day, I left my companion and went with Elder Ramirez, and Elder Ramirez's companion went with Elder Cardona. This was pretty cool. We did some good work and had great laughs...I love Elder Ramirez, he is so cool. 

The language is coming along. I may be able to understand almost everything by the end of this month, and fluency could come just a few months after! My companion needs to learn English for two, as stated in the Preach My Gospel, God can use people who know English to progress the work of the Lord after their missions...because in reality, English is the language that the gospel is taught in the most, I would assume. The second reason is that Elder Cardona wants to go to BYU, and he needs to be able to pass an English test in order to do so. So I am helping him with this.

Also, I can kinda roll my R's, but it is not very good. Also, people just love the fact that I speak English...they always want to hear me speak it. Of course, my white skin and blue eyes stick out tremendously here, so every once in a while someone will look at me and say "HELLO!" hahaaha!!
Okay I need to go! I love you all! 

Elder Anderson

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