Sunday, May 19, 2013

Junue's Baptized!

(We Skyped with Chase for Mother's Day.  He looks good and sounds good.  He's happy and loves the work.  We got to "meet" his companion.  Chase even bore his testimony in Spanish for a full 3 minutes!!  And his Spanish was "buenismo"! )


We are happy and we are doing so great. We are working very, very hard. The work is continuing onward and we are trying hard. Got some cool news from the President....if we have time, we can contact in the streets. YES! For those of you who don't know what that means, it means that we can stop people in the street and talk to them about the gospel. This is not the focus of the mission. It is only something we do on the way to lessons when there is time! Awesome!

Junue: Junue was baptized last Sunday! My companion baptized her. I will confirm her in 14 days, two Sundays from now.

Victor: We lost victor. He feels that God has called him to be a pastor in another church. He says this church is called "Christian Church". So, it is weird because we as missionaries need to be careful with this term. When we tell everyone that we are Christians, or people that believe in Christ, many people immediately connect this to the "Christian Church" here. We need to clarify that we are NOT of this church but that we DO believe in Christ. Victor is joining this church.

Leonore: Investigator. Progressing so well. Going to church, except for one time. She is doing very, very well.

Angeles: We had a noche de hogar with about 15 people! That's a lot! I was so nervous. But it went very well.

I've had more avocados...I will never escape them! A lot of chicken. A lot of cereal. haha! A missionary's favorite food.

My friend Luis gave the following example to describe the Gospel of Christ. I have added some parts of my own, and am applying it to revelation.

Revelation is like a gigantic chocolate cake. And it is delicious. But we have a choice. We can receive it with a clean plate and fork, or we can receive it with a filthy napkin and muddy hands. Obviously eating a cake with muddy hands is kinda disgusting. But the cake is the what changed? THE WAY YOU RECEIVE IT. If we receive revelation with an open heart and no doubts (or with a clean plate), the revelation will be so great and we will want more. But if we receive it with doubts and hard hearts, (or muddy hands) we will not enjoy the full value.

Okay, I have no time so I need to go. Bye!

Elder Anderson

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