Monday, May 20, 2013

Happy and Working

Ok, so first I will answer the question about Junue's confirmation. The confirmation must be during a sacrament meeting. Her baptism was AFTER a sacrament meeting, so we had to wait one week. But, the next week (yesterday) was stake conference. So we have to wait another week. Her confirmation is this Sunday for that reason. 

Life has been good. We played futbol (soccer) and basketball with some elders and others (including one investigator of ours) this morning for P-Day. We have been working hard and trying to get things done. The week has challenged us so much. But we are going forward happily and hopeful.


Aaron: He is a young man probably my age. Very nice guy and genuine spirit. Sincere interest in the church. We found him maybe two weeks ago. He played basketball with us today. He is hilarious and is always smiling. He is a tremendous young man.

Victoria: I don't think I have ever spoken about Victoria. She was an investigator my first two weeks, and then told us she didn't want us to return. She had been taught by my companion before I came. But yesterday (I think it was yesterday), the Lord gave us a miracle. We walked by her house toward another visit, and found her outside her house. She greeted us and freely invited us to return. We have the opportunity to visit her again and keep teaching her!

Alvaro: Struggling. We are trying to help him. If he is diligent, he will succeed...I have no doubt in this. It is all about diligence. He is so great and I know he can do this. I know God loves him so much.

Leonore: Progressing very, very well. Huge interest in the church. Going to church most of the time, and went to stake conference. Baptism for her...we are shooting for this Sunday. She is very great and genuine.

Lourdes: The sister of Rosio, another investigator. We found her maybe 3 weeks ago. She is interested. She struggles a bit. She is accepting our message though and is doing well overall. Lourdes is very caring and kind. She has a very sweet spirit.

Ishmael: A young man, the grandson of Ruben, a member. He is also doing very well. Loves videogames and cooking. Is keeping his commitments, but hasn't gone to church. I am sure of a baptism...I hope I didn't just jinx it!!!

Less actives:

Ian: I challenged him to be good (read BOM every day, repent every day, avoid bad things every day, and pray every day) for 8 days. I gave him a paper with 8 boxes so that he could check off the days that he does these things. Hopefully he will have the desire to do it. Because if he can do it for 8 days, maybe he can do it forever. Ian is awesome and I love him to death. I know he can do this.

Villanueva Family: Remember the word "planchar"?? It means to scold. Well, this family really is so great, but the father doesn't go to church. We have taught him so much and tried so hard to help him come. In the past, we kinda "PLANCHARED" him. I told him he had to go to church. He didn't go. But it is okay! We are still trying and I know that this man is very good and has good desires.

My Mission President kinda "planchared" me a bit... haha. He says I need to comb my hair different. HAHAHAHA! So, my hair no longer is spiked in the front. It is combed over to the side.
I have a poem. Okay it kinda isn't a poem but it is .... well... it is something. Here it goes: 

Diligence is not the perfect living
of your flawless perfection.

Rather, It is the imperfect refining
of your constant imperfection.

The key?
Do it with perfection in mind.

Haha, not the best poem but oh well.
Two more spiritual thoughts: 


We can follow these steps and receive revelation. It is something that I have come up with and also that my companion has contributed to. Relaxing invites the spirit. Peace of mind. Then we pray and read the scriptures and other good books. Then we meditate and pray again. AND THEN, WE DONT SIT THERE FOR HOURS WAITING FOR ANSWERS. GOD DOES NOT WANT THIS. THAT IS SOMETHING I HAVE LEARNED. WE SIT THERE FOR A LITTLE BIT AND THEN WE GET UP, AND GET GOING WITH OUR DAY, DOING GOOD CONTINUALLY. WE HAVE TO ACT AND BE PATIENT.

In Stake Conference I learned something like this: "Cada paso para Dios es un paso firme hacia la presencia de Dios."

Every step for God is a firm step toward the presence of God. Every step.

I love each and every one of my family and friends. All of you are loved by a Celestial Being. Be good and do good. Do missionary work.


Elder Anderson

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