Sunday, June 2, 2013

Leonore is a member!


I have concluded probably the most difficult two weeks of my entire life. And I don't think it is over. But I am learning a lot and we are working hard.

The confirmation went great. I was extremely nervous, but it went alright. Guess what I did after church that day? I baptized Leonore. That was really, really cool. I prayed for miracles that day, and felt the Spirit very strong during and after these two ordinances, and I know that that is a feel the Spirit. I was so, so, so nervous. But I said the prayer right, and the actual baptism was good, but not perfect. I kinda forced her into the water a little bit too hard...whoops! But all was well, and it was valid in the first try so it doesn't matter!

Pictures....ya still have none. Batteries are not easy to get. No one has card swiping machines. The only place we can go is Wal-Mart, as far as I know, and P-Days are so busy that we sometimes do not go. But we will try. Buying things with a debit card is sometimes a near impossibility.

No transfers. But yes, our district leader will be transferred, and now my companion is district leader. He is a little nervous but I know he will do great.

Ian: We have not had a chance to visit him. I hope as well that he has kept his goal.

Junue: Doing well. Shared a really awesome testimony at the baptism. Still kinda struggles with the whole "conversion concept". I think she treats the gospel more like a side job, something to do on occasion when there is time. We are trying to get her to understand that this is HER LIFE. And she has to make it her life. She is doing very well though. She can't bear the thought of us leaving and being transferred. By the way mom and dad, she really wants all of us to move to Mexico, so keep that in mind...haha, just kidding.

Alvaro: Struggling. But there is a lot of hope and potential for him. Have not had a chance to meet with him.

Aaron: Has told my companion that he REALLY wants to listen to our lessons. He hasn't listened to very many because he works all day. But he has gone to church I think every week since the first time, and he even went to a devotional thingy in Aragon where Elder Christofferson taught.

Lourdes: Very good desires to continue and listen to us. She is doing well.

Juan Pablo: Openly shared his lack of desire to keep his commitments. He can only meet with us on Tuesdays and Thursdays....or something like that. If we can only meet with him two days a week, we may not baptize him because that is a very slow progression. We prefer daily or every two day visits, because then we can have baptism set within 3 weeks. We will continue to help him.

Ishmael: Ah! A little disappointment here! He isn't keeping his commitments. He cannot go to the chapel because the government requires students like him to do service on Sundays. This is a requirement for graduation. So, if he cannot go to church, he cannot be baptized. But we will continue to teach him.

Roberto: Recent convert. Trying to help him understand that God has a body.
What I see and hear and feel in general every day:

Wake up. I hear this weird horse/rooster making noise every morning. My companion turns on the boiler. We work out. I shower first and shave. I come out and finish getting ready. I can see the sun rising, and when it is low, it is deep red. And then after awhile, it turns orange and then yellow. We eat. Usually cereal. We study. We eventually leave the house. In front of the house is a church, the Christian Church. Sometimes we see them singing and dancing in there. The street is very busy and loud. It is a constant noise to hear cars rushing by. We go about our day and serve. I see shops everywhere. I smell tortillas sometimes. I see dogs everywhere. It is hot. It rains at night. I see people cleaning sidewalks, selling water, collecting water, occasionally trying to chase me and my companion down to sell us gum. I see people drunk in the streets and see kids playing soccer. It is a unique place and I am falling in love with this country.


I have had Cabeza (head meat and ears of a cow). Weird taste. I have also had cow tongue. Also weird, haha.

Need to go.  It is summer break so go and invite people to listen to the missionaries!! Please don't think that I am being ignorant and disregarding the fact that all of you are very busy still. Invite, invite and invite. Be friends with the missionaries. They need friends. They will want to bless your lives and convert your friends and neighbors. I know this work is true!

Thank you for all that you do. I love you all.


Elder Anderson

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