Monday, June 10, 2013

Pictures from the country he loves!

Chase's apartment bathroom.  Uhhh... where's the shower curtain?!?!

He's fitting right in!

 Elder Ramirez - an Elder in Chase's district - working on a service project.

In an earlier letter Chase talked about men that would push garbage carts down the 
street and yell to have people bring their trash to them.  This is one of those carts!

Handsomest missionary ever!!!

Elder Cardona, Chase's companion.  We absolutely LOVE this young man.  He has been 
so good for Chase and has trained him well.  He's part of the family now!!

The "Red Sun".  This is one of the first things Chase sees in the morning.  I know it's probably 
caused by all the pollution, but it's still a stunning sight!

This is the most precious picture to date.  This is Junue and her daughter, Abril.  
Junue was baptized a few weeks ago.  Chase did the confirmation.  
It's amazing... I just love these people!!

Chase's apartment building.  Elder Cardona is just outside their door on the fourth floor!  
Bet hauling groceries up all those steps is super fun!

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