Monday, June 17, 2013

Short, but sweet!

(This is how I feel about short letters:   Imagine Erica sticking her tongue out and blowing a raspberry!!)


TOPIC: Don't Look Back
CHAPTER: Genesis 19
1. What is happening in this chapter?
2. Who is Lot? Was he righteous? How do you know?
3. Sodom and Gomorrah was a very wicked city. What symbols can you find about how Lot and his family fled from this city? How can that apply to your life?
4. What happened to Lots wife? Why? How can we avoid doing what she did in our lives?
CHALLENGE: Pray for strength to keep yourself from looking back at bad memories and sins from your past. Pray for strength to not dwell in the past. But repentance is first. Repent, and then stop dwelling on the past.


Good week this week. We had "divisiones".  I was with Elder Long from our district, and he is new like me.  We were in my area, so this was the first time that I was legitimately in charge for one day, without having someone who is more experienced with me.

We've been working with the Damas family. They are a less active family.  The father claims that he doesn't go to church because of work.  Elder Long and I invited him to fast for a way to go to the chapel.  He said he would.

We told the father of the Villanueva family that if he read scriptures every day, prayed every day, gave a missionary pamphlet to someone, had a Noche de Hogar with his family, and went to church, we would buy him dinner.  He didn't go to church.  Ay! Ay! Ay!

There are more but these are some of the highlights.

Elder Cardona will leave and go home in 2.5 weeks or so. Thus, transfers WILL affect me. 

I got two packages: one with batteries and one with lots of treats and letters.

I am sorry but this letter will be short.  Trey, here is something you'd think is really cool...there are policemen here, and they guard stores, and have actual shotguns in hand and everything.  Ha ha!   It is pretty cool and different!

Please, all of you, do all you can to continue forward in the faith.  It is always worth it.  Sorry again that the letter is short.  I love all of you.  Do work and serve!  Be missionaries!  We need to!  It is a commandment.  Family history as well...please make this a priority.  Not just for older people.  It is for everyone, and we must do it or we cannot receive all the blessings of God. Again, I love you all and hope for the best in your lives.  Pray for strength in your troubles. There is incredible power there.

Elder Anderson

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