Monday, June 3, 2013

Lots of Spiritual Thoughts


I want to start an introduction to all my letters. It will be some spiritual ideas to study and such. Like the following...

TOPIC The Peace of God



1. What was happening to the people of the church?

2. Why was this happening?

3. How did the people feel about it?

4. How did the people find peace amidst all of their persecutions?

5. How can you find peace in YOUR life, using the same methods as in this chapter?


1. Make a list of ideas of how you can maintain the peace of God in your life, and apply these ideas to your life.

2. Invite one friend or family to church this week.


The above intro is just some ideas. If ya´ll want to study these things, I know it will bless you. But don´t feel obligated to do it.

Junue and Leonore didn´t go to church last Sunday. Lame. We will talk to them and help them realize that their baptism meant that the gospel is officially THEIR LIVES AND A PART OF ALL THAT THEY DO. :)

Luis and Julio are doing very good. They are hosting family home evenings that we can attend.
Aaron is very prepared, but we have a very hard time trying to meet with him because he works all day.

Ian, I think, is doing better. He played basketball and football with us today.
Sorry, I need to be brief. Today was absolutely nuts...and a BLAST!!! 
Yes, the cabeza meat was weird. No, it wasn´t an actual animal head on my plate, but it was meat from a head and ears, so it was kinda chewy at times... haha.
Tacos are incredible. I love them!

THE BREAD!!!! Oh my gosh, the bread is heaven. I love it!

I have batteries and I will take pictures. Getting the batteries was not easy. I had to go to a whole different area in order to get cheap ones and to withdraw my money from my card without paying a fortune. So I have them now. Expect many pictures next week.


I hope all of you had a great time at Girls Camp. I know that it was a wonderful time, because my mom was in charge, and she is just a few steps away from perfection, haha. (You notice that I didn't edit this out... hee hee!  Obviously, I've pulled the wool over my son's eyes!)   I hope you had many spiritual experiences. I would recommend writing down the things you learned and experienced, so that you can cherish them in the future.


Young men, it seems that every fiber in my soul is urging you to go on a mission. If you have doubts, then congratulations... you are normal. I had doubts too. But let me tell you, if you are worthy, but decide not to go, you are making one of the hugest mistakes of your life. Please prepare now!! Start reading the Preach my Gospel book. Get worthiness settled. And go and serve. I cannot express the inner feelings of my soul. I want to cry at the very thought of a man who does not want to serve a mission. MY MISSION HAS CHANGED MY LIFE. And it WILL change yours. You will learn so many things. I have seen and worked miracles because of the power of God. I have touched heaven. And I will continue to do so because of the grace of my Savior and Redeemer. If you have doubts, you must pray and ask your Father in Heaven for help to get rid of these doubts, and to have the desire to serve. You can talk to your parents and church leaders. And I would also like to throw in that you should write Elder Chase Anderson here in Mexico City, and I will be overjoyed to personally help you. I know God lives. There are miracles every day.


I have learned something. It is possible to make every single day the BEST DAY OF YOUR LIVES. Today can be the happiest day of your lives. Tomorrow can be even happier. The day you die should be the happiest you have ever been. I am trying to do it. I have had some of the happiest days of my life here in Mexico. I have felt Gods love. I have seen miracles. He lives, I promise you. And I challenge all of you to make every day the happiest in your lives. I promise you can do it.

Also, a reminder to be Member Missionaries. There are people who need the Gospel. Be their angels and invite them to listen to the missionaries. 

Adios todos, les amo con todo mi corazón.


Elder Anderson

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