Thursday, June 27, 2013

Stolen Camera, but Great Attitude

Ok....quite the week.  I will just get right into what happened camera has been stolen. We were at an activity with the zone playing volleyball, futbol, and ultimate frisbee in the mud (I am very, very dirty right now - ha ha).  I put my camera in my companion's bag, which he and I accidentally left in another area.  And it was gone when we were looking for it.  I was devastated. But it's okay.  I don't need a camera in order to save souls!

Let me testify to all of you that a mission is worth it. Why? Because when you see your converts growing in the church, you feel joy that exceeds any other that you have experienced in your life. Nothing tops it. We had a lesson with Junue, and brought a member with us from the Relief Society. I sat there in absolute joy as I watched Junue highlight her Book of Mormon and talk to us about the answers God gives her in response to her questions. I watched the member promise Junue that she would visit her every month. I feel we are transferring Junue from our hands and into the hands of the ward. This is very, very good. I am very happy. I made her a promise that I plan to keep. I told her that I would return to Mexico and visit her after my mission. Already I have one vacation trip planned... ha ha!

This letter has to be short as well. The robbery threw off the whole day. Our keys are stolen, so we need to receive copies. We have a lot to do and need to work hard.

I want to testify to every soul that this church is true. God has a plan. I am learning things all the time. Every day can be the best day of your life. Today, I am happy and filled with joy. The mission is hard. But it is worth it. It is possible to ask God every day if my day was acceptable in his sight, and have him tell me yes. You can do it too, and right now. Make every day the best. I hope to have more time next Monday. Love you all.


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