Friday, July 5, 2013

Like Father, Like Son

SCRIPTURE: Deuteronomy 31:6

This week was very good. I feel like God has guided me through the fires of affliction, and I feel that I have learned and grown so much. I could be a trainer within the next week, so I am excited for that.

Aaron is a young man who will almost for sure be baptized this Sunday. He is so prepared. He lives the Word of Wisdom, the Law of Chastity, serves other people, plays sports with us, and is just awesome. He is ready to be baptized.

Junue is doing well. Very excited about many things, but devastated by the fact that Elder Cardona will leave soon...and I am also a bit sad. In the mission, our trainers are called our Fathers, and the trainees are their Sons. So my mission father is leaving and I am nervous, but I am so excited for what is ahead. Funny story: Once, we were playing volleyball with other missionaries and I was going to serve the ball. I wanted to joke around and so I said to my companion: DADDY! WATCH ME! (yes, I know that is extremely cheesy but it is funny because of the whole father/son thing!). I served the ball and Elder Cardona shouts YES BOY! IT'S MY SON! in his broken English. It was funny! I will make him a grandpa when I train someone.

Luis is struggling with staying active. But, I love him to death and he is awesome. Everyone in our family would love him.

There are a lot of people here who know tidbits of English, so I sometimes hear things like: WHAT'S UP BRO? and WHAT'S UP WITH YOU? in English. Some people tell me GOOD MORNING as well....I stick out like a sore thumb here!

I will be honest; it is hard to speak English!!! Can you believe that? For example, the word COMO means LIKE in English. When I speak English, the word "como" is thrown in my sentences all the time - ha ha. I also say things like WHO MORE CAN WE VISIT? rather than WHOM ELSE CAN WE VISIT? because I am so used to Spanish grammar.

Everything's going great here. Really, I can testify that the mission is hard...but I have touched heaven. And it has touched me. I cannot imagine life without a mission.

I invite you all to continue in missionary efforts and love everyone. Miracles are seen everyday...believe in them and look for them!


Love,  Elder Anderson

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  1. My son, Elder Tyler Gardner, is flying out this morning ( ahhhh, 6 am flight as I write this) for the Mexico City East mission! He has been serving in Kearns, Utah, while awaiting his visa.
    I have been going though and reading your Elder's letters on this blog. They are comforting to this missionary momma. ;)
    I would love to hear more and communicate with your family. Please find me on FB (Kimberly Parry Gardner) so we can talk more about our missionaries ;).
    Prayers go to your sweet Elder from us, and please tell Elder Anderson to be on the lookout for Elder Gardner from Utah! :)