Saturday, September 14, 2013

Got the Camera!!

(After you read this you're going to wonder why I titled this entry "Got the Camera!".  I mean, after all this good stuff, all I care about is that he got the camera we sent him?  Well... uh... OK, fine!  I admit it!!  Yes, I cared about the camera!!!!  I need to see his face!!!  Come on, I'm just a MOM!)

No hay desvíos en el viaje al cielo. (There are no detours in the journey to heaven)

1. I have gotten the package, eaten all the Peach Rings, and taken many pictures. Thank you so much for the package.

2. I will describe each of my companions that I have had.

Elder Cardona is from Columbia, very loving, hilarious, loves soccer, patient, confident. He has returned to Columbia.

Elder Merino (I was with him for about 2 weeks in a trio with Elder Loveland) is extremely knowledgeable, a leader, confident, hates to waste time, understands almost everything in English but doesn't like to speak it, from El Salvador, very understanding. He will end his mission in a few months.

Elder Loveland is an Idaho farm boy, very confident, funny, very down-to-earth, has a solid understanding of doctrine, knows how to keep things simple, taught me how to shine my shoes, loves to work, is constant and obedient. We arrived in Mexico on the same day, and in the same group.

Elder Somerville: Has about 6 and a half months on the mission, extremely patient, loves to have fun, works hard, very accepting, speaks with a type of demanding attitude (because he is from northern Mexico and they tend to speak a little strong...but he doesn't do that to be demanding. It is just the way he talks.) He knows how to get things done, and he highly emphasizes the need to be happy.

3. Sandra is probably more than 50 years old. She was a referral. She was highly prepared and was baptized within a week. Alejandra was my companion's investigator. She is probably in her 30's. Her son is Danilo and is a really great kid. I did not baptize nor confirm anybody. My companion and brothers from the wards did these. I do not have their last names written but will be sure to do that.

4. Probably one of the biggest things that I have learned is that when you have a duty, do it and do not stop until it is done.

5. Funny experience: Today we played tackle football with water balloons. That was absolutely hilarious and fun. We would hike the water balloon, and just mess around until we scored. There wasn't too much tackling, just a lot of water balloons exploding, but it was so hilarious. Elder Murphy is an American elder, and is a big man. There were two elders trying to tackle him, but he wasn't going down. So I came by and pushed him and he fell, and the balloon exploded. That was very funny as well.

6. The church buildings are like ours, but a little bit different and smaller. The chapels are not often lined with benches. They are tile-floored and we set up chairs for the people to sit on during Sacrament Meeting.

We have a baptism on Saturday as well.

Robert Baños is a member in the ward. He is one of the most incredible and willing servants of God I have ever met. And he has a simple testimony that seems to rock my soul when he bears it. He accompanies us a lot to lessons.

On Sunday, we baptized two children. They were 12 and 11 years old, if I remember right. They are named Moises and Abraham. Their parents were less active, but have been trying to get active again for about 2 months now, even before we found them. Moises reminds me of Trey, and looks like him. I have pictures.

The bishops in the wards are also very good.

There is a new rule in the mission. We cannot baptize someone until they have been to Sacrament Meeting 5 times. This is so that they can remain active after their baptisms.
I am very happy and doing fantastic. I love you all.

Mom, I can totally imagine you trying to fight off the sleep during the Dibels. It makes me laugh.

Tess, thank you for your messages! I love them! I showed one to Elder Loveland when he was my companion and he thought it was funny to. I wish you could come here and we could play Horsey. 

Trey and Ben. I love you both so much and hope you are both very happy. I will send you both some letters.

I LOVE THE MISSION! AND I LOVE MEXICO! I feel so happy and am progressing! I love you all so much. My mission president said that it is okay for me to write my friends on email. So I will send a separate email for them. 



Elder Anderson

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